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Center for Integrated Research Computing

The Center for Integrated Research Computing (CIRC) at the University of Rochester provides researchers across the University with hardware, software, training, and support necessary to utilize computational science and computing technology in research activities in all areas of academic scholarship.

Photo: J. Adam Fenster.


CIRC supports faculty-led research projects from over 40 departments and centers across the Medical Center and River Campus. As a University-wide program, the Center for Integrated Research Computing fosters and supports a variety of academic disciplines, as well as innovative interdisciplinary and cross-division collaborations. CIRC staff collaborate directly with faculty, departments, and centers in research project preparation and execution.


CIRC offers University researchers state of the art computing technology and software, and currently maintains about 240 teraFLOPS of high performance computing systems, including the University of Rochester's flagship IBM Blue Gene/Q system. CIRC has over 640 terabytes of storage for data-intensive applications.


CIRC offers support for both hardware and software, offering tutorials, frequently asked questions, and email support. Our staff includes computational scientists trained at the doctoral level to work directly with faculty and students to help them apply advanced computing technology to research.